These dungeons won't clear themselves.

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If you didn’t get your fill of your own gory, pixelated demise the first time around, Dungeon Highway Adventures brings you more chances to explode in a shower of blocky goo.

With new levels, obstacles, enemies, and artwork, coupled with an all new item system, you can die like it’s the first time all over again. Hopefully you’ll take out some of the dungeon creatures along the way. A game by Substantial

Made with love by

Substantial logo

Chief Executions Officer

Paul Rush

Lead Dungeon Master

Heather Griswold

Head Mischief Makers

Mike Judge

Joshua Hou

Erik Hollembeak

Image Contrivers Collective

Kevin Fox

Chuck Gamble

Liz Heidner

Ryan McLaughlin

Music Machinations Troupe

David Balatero

Barton P. McGuire

Head of Heraldry

Henry Vogler

Virtuoso of Videography

Jenna Simmons

Primary Test Subjects

Aaron Jensen

Brookie Judge

Caleb Hou

Kyle Anderson

Special thanks to everyone we subjected to our experiments.